At Gostner Aviation we are dedicated to making your training as enjoyable for you as possible.  Each of the Instructors have the following objectives to ensure you reach the highest possible standards in Aviation. 

  • To teach you to be a top professional, irrespective of whether you plan RAA ultralight or go to Private Pilot Licence, a Command Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot’s Licence, Instructor Rating, Airline Career or anything in between. 

  • To teach you to operate in a thoroughly safe manner.

  • To ensure in “training by objectives” that you get further in your training to a higher standard in lower flight hours. This of course is much easier to achieve at Camden because we are in the middle of the Flight Training Area with less taxi time required (a saving of around 20 minutes per hour over Bankstown).

Pre Solo & Pre Area Solo - We teach you these subjects as part of the BAK theory (see below). You need to have passed these exams before your first solo in the aerodrome circuit then before first solo in the training area. These are in house exams.


Radio Exam - This subject is also taught as part of BAK. A radio licence is a requirement for all licences after SPL Student Pilot LicenceThis an in house exam.


BAK Basic Aeronautical Knowledge - This subject must be passed prior to the flight test for your GFPT General Flying Progress Test The GFPT must be passed before you can carry passengers other than your flight instructor.This an in house exam.


PPL Private Pilot Licence - PPL theory exam is a CASA exam connected from our Computer to CASA for the duration of the exam.PPL must be obtained before you can then hire an aircraft with your friends and fly anywhere in Australia.


CPL Commercial Pilot Licence - CPL theory fits in with our regular CPL training Courses 4 times per year


Instructor & Instrument Rating Theory - These theory courses run on a regular basis as required


Because we want you to be the best you can be, as you become a competent pilot excelling in both professionalism and safety.


We can train and test you for the following Licences and Rating:


  • RAA (Ultralight) Pilot Licence

  • RAA Instructor rating ... (can be obtained with a Private Pilot Licence)

  • Private Pilot Licence (can then cost share hiring an aeroplane to fly around Australia)

  • Commercial Pilot Licence (GST free)

  • Commercial Pilot Licence with  Diploma of Aviation Airline Transport through TAFE (GST free)

  • Commercial Pilot Licence with Certificate IV through TAFE (GST free)

  • Command Instrument Rating, Single and Multi Engine (also available on a PP)

  • Private Instrument Rating, Single and Multi Engine

  • Night VFR Rating, Single and Multi (also available on a PPL).

  • Instructor Rating, Grade 1, 2 (GST) and 3 (GST free)

  • Multi Training Approval

  • IFR Training Approval

  • GPS en Route and None Precision Approaches If you want to fly somewhere for business or just for fun, we can help you too.