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This is our About page.

This space is a great opportunity to give you a full background on who we are,

We are a fully accredited Flying school from basic Jabiru J160 Ultra light aircraft with RAA-AUS. These aircaft have registration numbers 24-4785 and 24-5538 on the aircraft side

... then moving on from there, through medium size Basic General Aviation aircraft  with registration letters on the aircraft side  Jabiru VH-LSI and The all weather Liberty XL2 registration VH-XLH . is our all weather advanced training aircraft.

The Jabiru aircraft is built in Australia and is more modern than most other older aircraft which are built overseas.

\The advanced training then moving on again from there to Commercia lPilot Licence you can with us in  the mean time  obtain an ultra light Flight instructor ratinging on your private Pilot Licence. This which means you can then in  this way  build up the required Pilot flight hours and be also  paid on those  to Commercial Pilot Licence.

In my case my name is David Maddock and I am  the Chief Flying Instructor or the recently changed title of Head of Operations. I am responsible to CASA (which is short for  the Civil Aviation Safety Authority) for the high standard of our flight school.. 

I believe very strongly in the Christian principles of putting the customers needs ahead of my own and the result a higher standard pilot in lower flight hours.

The minimum flight hours for a private pilot licence is 40 hours (being the minimum an above average student is expected to gain his licence in ideal conditions.

whereas the Australian average is 55 hours.

So you may well ask what is an above average student.

Answer one who learns in initially smooth flying conditions plus a dedicated flight instructor.

We have put quite a lot of students through to Private Pilot LicenceL  in minimum hours.

You will find my personal flying history else ware in this web page

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David Maddock

Hanger 58 Camden Airport

Postal PO Box 488 Camden 2570

NSW Australia

GPS Aerodrome Rd Cobbitty

Phone 0414 788 105

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