Hey There

This is our start flight  Page. It's a great opportunity to give you a full background on what you need to know about the flight you are about to go on.

Before you leave you should have the up to date weather both currently and what is expected (see details below)

Your application page will show us who you are, what you do, your weight,your requested flight date and time, and most importantly your Security code if purchased through groupon.

Double click on the application box to start editing your content and make sure to add all the relevant details applicable.

If this is your first flight, and you have never had the opportunity to handle the flight controls and actualy steer the airoplane through the sky ... then this is for you.

Your flight instructor who is highly

experienced and understands that you are probably feel quite nervous untll you are actually in the air and far above the stressful people down below.

He has probably told you that flying is deffinitely 15 times safer than road transport.

When you arrive back on the ground you will usualy  be the same as the many others saying "that was absolutely fantastic, when can I continue to learn to fly".

Please feel free to phone me back on 0414 788 105 with any questions you may have.

David Maddock

Head of Operations

Gostner Aviations


+61 414 788b 105



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