David's History

David Maddock CP, CFI, CEO
Gostner Aviation Camden
ARN 036573


David's Flying overview



Dates show commencement,Hours are to date on completion,

(They do not directly relate to each other)

Oct 63

Jul 64

Mar 66

Jun 66

Jun 66

May 67

Apr 68

Mar 69

Mar 74

Nov 75

Oct 76

Dec 78

Sep 81

Nov 81

Jun 85

Sep 88

Apri 89

Trial Introductory flight   Wangaratta Aero Club

Obtained UPPL  Wangaratta Aero Club

Obtained CPL   Rex Aviation Cessna

Obtained Instructor rating Rex Aviation Cessna

Instructor/Charter pilot Maslings BKE, AY, WG  800 hrs

Instructor Canberra Aero Club  1600 hrs

CFI with Test approval Aviation Enterprises    2100 hrs

CP/CFI with Test approvalOwn school Arcas Airways AY (incl Instr trng)  5058 hrs

Obtained IFR now Company pilot with Everlast on baron  1100 twins

RPT Skyways on PA31  1800 twins

Maslings RPT Queenair  3200 twins

Chief Pilot check & train RPT Southern Cross 5063 twins

Senior Instructor Test officer AFTS   10225 total

Aero Professional Instructor school CP/CFI     11961 total

Bank run pilot (Check & T) Wilson Aviation    13826 total

Bank runs hawker pacific   7500 twin

Test Officer CATA    14291 total

Qantas Simulator Instructor training B747

CP/CFI Camden Aero Club set up Instructor school  14709 total

CP/CFI Test Off Aero Professional Training Instructor school  15526 total 

Chief Pilot (+ Check & Trng) Western Airlines 15775 total

Casual instructing  (teaching instructors)  16615 total

Heli-Aust + Av Center, Charter + endorsements 16,828 total

Senior Instructor IFR + Instructor Training  Navair

Purchased Gostner Aviation  17,500 Total

Established RAA Ultralight School 18,000 Total

Update 22,500 hours Total

(including aprox 16,000 instructional hours,

& 11,568 hours on  twins).

Currently instructing from Ultra light basic flying through to advanced ratings (specialising in getting pilots into the Airlnes).


David says "Aviation has been good to me, teaching me many things over the years, (and still learning), so now I have the opportunity to pass on something of that knowledge and experience to help others to get where they want to go ..."



Glossary (The meaning of the above aviation terms)


RAA          Ultralights

UPPL        Unrestricted private pilot's licence,

CPL          Commercial Pilot Licence.

BKE          Bourke,   

Ay             Albury

Wg            Wagga Wagga,

CFI           Chief Flying Instructor,

CP            Chief Pilot,

CEO         Chief Executive Officer

Inst Trng   Instructor training,

RPT          Regular Public Transport

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