It was King Solomon who had the reputation of being  the wisest man in the whole world at that time ...  who recorded
Proverbs Chapter 11. Verse 14 

"Where there is no guidance the people fall."

That is the situation at the moment world wide with many Airline Pilots out of work ...   

and in fact many other pilots really desperately need wise guidance.

Just as the Auto pilot makes adjustment to keep you on the correct GPS magenta line track so it is essential that the the trainee pilot has a dedicated Mentor person who both can and will guide them to success.

In addition to providing a dedicated Mentor

to you (see David's web page history) we also provide free solo CASA approved IFR simulator practise to our student pilots because "practice makes perfect".

WE strongly suggest you make an appointment with David to come into our flight Office for guidance on setting up an action plan to ensure success.

Management by objectives (OATS)

Let me introduce you to my OATS formulae ...


A well defined objective directs your efforts like a bullet is directed from a gun.

You always start from your furtherest objective and work backwoods.. Be it study, exams, flight tests, accidents or eternity...


How to design it

On a A4 paper sheet after deciding how many hours you can comfortably average per day ... 

draw a straight line with your hourly prospective average from today to your completion date.

Then add a second line to show actual hours completed with an  endeavour to exceed your planned line.

T for TRAINING ...

If you think training is expensive, try putting a price on ignorance. You get good at what you practise ...

S for Systematic feedback

Like an autopilot following the correct track proper feed back is essential.