How much will it cost me to learn to fly?

At Gostner Aviation we get you flying in less hours than the Australian average. This means you reach your goals quicker and in addition our rates are extremely competitive. 


Based on previous students here are estimates of fees they have paid to reach their flying goals:

Privatel Pilot License                                         $12,000              

Commercial Pilot Licence (with Twin IFR)         $55,000            

Flight Instrument Rating (Twin engine)              $15,000                           

Flight Instructor                                                  $15,000

Multi IFR Instructor positions (1000 hrs/year)     TBA


Would you be interested in the availablity of a modern twin engine aircraft to do almost all your flight training (PPL,CPL,IFR) for the unbelievable dual wet rate of $350 per hour

and in the process of getting right through to your pilot licence at a much higher standard in weeks instead of months.

If so call us now on +61 414 788 105).

Or go to our contact page to email us with your interest to finding out more, or to lock in to this great offer.

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