• RAA means Recreational Aircraft Australia and is a cheaper way to start off your flying training to the same high standards as GA,  with Gostner Aviation.


  • There are now more RAA schools in Australia than GA (General Aviation) because of the greater cost saving in obtaining your Pilot Licence.


  • The flight sequences you learn with Gostner Aviation are in fact identical whether RAA or GA, so it becomes easy to swap across from one to the other.


  • The Gostner training Jabiru aircraft are also identical in both RA and GA so the only difference are the aircraft registration markings painted on the side.


  • Our RAA Jabiru is registered 24-4785 and our GA Jabiru is registered VH-LSI.


  • Once you have your RAA pilot Licence (minimum 20 hours) you only have to cover Instrument flight training (2 hours), a pre licence test (plus any sequences you may be weak in) then your General Flying Progress Test, or straight through to PPL (needed to go into Class D airspace.)


  • You may prefere to go straight through with your navigation training then change to PPL test at minimum 40 hours.


  • Once you have 75 RAA in command flight hours you can do a 20 hour flight instructor rating course with us and  then be paid for your flying. (A great paying hobby).


  • You are never to old, (providing you can still pass the aviation medical) ... but you should start as soon as possible if you want to become an airline pilot

  • Come in for a free interview with our Chief Flying Instructor  David (who will happily pass on employment information obtained directly from the Airlines,) but phone first on 0414 788 105


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