Pilot Employment


(Opportunities come and go, these particular ones with Gostner Aviation will be when the anticipated DA 42 arrives. We suggest that you call in to our Camden office and discuss these opportunities over a cup of coffee).

What is the pay and working conditions you may ask.

Pay is $100 per hour

Working hours are in 4 hour slots with 5 days per week becomes the maximum 1000 hours per year or $100 000 per year (this can be increased to double in a day by Simulator instructor hours also $100 per hour.)

You may not have the required qualifications for a long time yet ... but even with no previous aviation experience and you need a fantastic  career change we specialise in helping our Student pilots plan ahead all the way through to an eventual Airline  Career.

You may well do as I did in deciding on my initial third hour that this was too good just taking my friends flying ...  I will make this great hobby into a fulfilling career and be paid for it. (Would you believe that was a little over 22,000 hours ago.) and I still get withdrawal systems if I have not flown for a day.

If you would like to discuss these opportunities further I suggest you phone me on 0414788105 for an appointment at our Camden airport office and we will keep the coffee pot hot for you ...


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