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JABIRU J160 - Basic Trainer

The Jabiru J160 aircraft is a 2 seater trainer with a glass instrument panel. It's comfortable and its high-wing design is perfect to allow for great visibility.


Liberty XL2 - Trainer

This low-wing more powerful single engine 2 seater is perfect for instrument and cross country navigation training.




David - CEO, Chief Pilot and Chief Flying Instructor, responsible to CASA for flying standards. (see separate page David's history).


Rhoda - Operations Manager also looking after the office, and keeping things running smoothly.


Christopher Giuliano, Liverpool NSW




One of the greatest pleasures of flying with Gostner Aviation is it's perfect location, situated about 45 min south of Liverpool in the South West of Sydney, with picturesque surroundings and less air traffic than Mascot or Bankstown (usualy better weatheras well). This means that you get more time in the air, and enjoy it ..!



"I have found Gostner Aviation to be very professional in teaching me the skills needed to earn by PPL, and now I'm on my way to getting my CPL. I love the atmosphere at the flying school and I feel part of the Gostner Aviation family.

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