How do you manage to succesfuly get your Twin engine Trained pilots to such a high standard in such low hours at Gostner Aviation, the testing officer asks?


My reply "its the high standard we teach them in the Simulator, they then go home and practise on their laptops. Practise makes perfect."


Once they get their procedures right, then its just a case of eye hand coordination skills, which can be learn't in a way that does not cost extra money.


These teaching skills also apply to all the other pilot Licences and ratings


Where do these teaching skills come from you ask?


They are actualy from the Bible teaching of "love your neighbour as yourself" - Mark 12:30-31.


Put the student needs above making money, and he reaches the flight standard quicker.


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David Maddock

Head of training

Gostner Aviation



IFR Why is it important

A VFR pilot (who is not IFR trained) must keep out of cloud ...

The life expectancy of a VFR pilot in cloud is less than 150 seconds.

Your brain tells you you are flying level in cloud, when you are actually rolling over into a fatal spiral descent vertically into the ground.

This can be demonstrated in a swivel chair turning at a constant rate with a blindfold over your eyes. Your brain tells you it is slowing down and stopped when it is not. Stand up and take the blindfold off and you will fall over. (Have someone ready to catch you).

This can be explained by a google search on "the semicircular canal of the inner ear", ... or as the Bible proverb says "there's a way that seems right to a man but the end is the way of death"Proverbs. 16:25


The next step after your initial PPL test is a Private Instrument Rating. It can overcome the problem of clouds over the hills ...  where otherwise you have to turn back.

It is easy to keep a Private IFR current with constant practise on your lap top computer at home (which is free.)


The Command Instrument Flight Rating is essential for Commercial Pilots who wish to progress in their Careers, it can be the next step after Private IFR.

The minimal that an above average student can expect to get his/her rating in ideal conditions  is $15,000 (it can also be obtained on your PPL and counted towards a commercial pilot's licence)..


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David Maddock Head of Training