Some people dream about it.
We make it happen.
Twin Engine Training + IFR
Multi engine aircraft training at single engine rates from basic to advanced at Gostner Aviation 


​Recreational flying to Commercial Pilot ... the choice is yours. We can help you make that dream come true, at your own pace and great value for money. You get targeted training to help you achieve your goal.


  • We check with you on a regular basis to reasses the progress of your training. we must make sure that what ever is needed is applied. A happy pilot becomes a successful pilot, with higher standards achieved in lower flight hours

Gostner Aviation is a family business and you become part of that family.


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Single and  Multi-engine, Instrument and Naviation flying ... we have the right aircraft and flight simulator for your training needs.

  • Jabiru J160 - fantastic high wing 2 seat, basic  trainer.  RAA registration 24-4785.

  • Jabiru J160- fantastic high wing 2 seat basic trainer. GA registration  VH-LSI.

  • Liberty XL2 - low wing. 2 seat, Full flight  Instrument Trainer registration VH-XLH 
    (all weather, day & night).

  • Flight Simulator, twin and single engine.
    Full IFR, you can log half the required instrument time toward your Command instrument rating at a fraction of the cost (higher safety standards achieved in lower hours)



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  • "I've started my training at a different flying school and changed over to Gostner Aviation, and I came to realise that the level of training I got at Gostner is far above anywhere else. I felt part of the family, and love to fly in the tranquility of the Camden Airfield and training area. Not just pictureque but with less traffic, I get a lot more done in the available time"

  • I did my basic flight training at Gostner Aviation and thanks to the quality of training I received there, I went on to the RAAF and topped my flying courses there.

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